Hotel Altiplánico

Direccion: Domingo Atienza 282
Telefono: +5655 2851212/+5655 2851212


Hotel Altiplánico

Its construction, all plastered with mud, is a combination of adobes, stone, straw and wood from the area. Each room is different, with a spatial distribution that develops along small winding roads that link giving both privacy and mystery. This within extensive grounds and the stunning scenic setting of the Andes.

Watching him from the outside, the feeling of being in a small town in the Altiplano, or in front of a large sculpture, full of details that can be read one or all.

The decoration was developed under the concept of visual silence, the eye registers the entire hotel included in the vastness of the desert without being distracted by objects other than those involving a utility. Also, the hotel aims to make sense to those who visit it is a place that welcomes, that allows to enjoy the silence and the view, refugees from the intense climate of San Pedro.

The anchor concept design earth color of the walls and straw roofs or pitch that achieve fusion with nature hotel.

emphasize the use of local materials and the design is inspired by the Chilean-Bolivian Altiplano it occurred. This type of construction is a mix of indigenous culture with the Spanish colonization, both are present, and is a good response to the climate and the materials found in the area.

The decoration has been carefully ethnic, seeking to highlight the highland roots. The desert is beautiful for its silence and in that sense has been carefully silent visual color lessening the burden racing landscape, both inside and out.

Its construction is entirely of adobe, stone and other natural materials from the area such as tar and straw, combining a very particular way rustic, with the refinement of its finishes and decoration; the simplicity of the materials, with good taste and aesthetic arrangement thereof, give the feeling of being in a small town Altiplánico.

This concept offers passengers the opportunity to feel the Atacameño atmosphere in a cozy hotel with great privacy, space and comfort, while enjoying the silence and the spectacular view offered by the Ayllu of Quitor with the Licancabur Volcano as silent witness.


  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi exterior
  • WiFi en zonas comunes
  • Restaurante
  • Bar
  • Cafetería
  • Estacionamiento
  • Calefacción
  • Desayuno Incluido
  • Recepción 24 horas
  • Guarda equipaje
  • Fax
  • Servicio de Lavandería
  • Servicio de Mucama