Hotel Takha-Takha

Direccion: Calle Caracoles 101-A
Telefono: +5655 2851038/+5655 2851038


Hotel Takha-Takha

Takha - Takha has been built preserving the aesthetics and tradition of San Pedro de Atacama, cozy rooms of adobe, wood and stone allow to maintain the ideal temperature durare day and night, quite naturally, in addition to heating for cold winter nights. The hotel has single, double, double and double rooms with private bathroom and shared bathroom.

Takha-Takha, we are a hotel company that began in the eighties, becoming one of the first establishments to deliver their services in San Pedro de Atacama.

From that time to date, we have made great strides in the services offered, highlighting the type of environment in which is located the hotel and type of rooms that we have; bar made of wood and to keep alive the colonial image of the same, so the same horn materiality of them.

We are undoubtedly among those with the most extensive and long experience in tourism in San Pedro de Atacama.

That's why Takha Takha the hotel is considered Corno An Oasis in the Oasis

The hotel has an excellent location. It is located in the center of town, within an area of ​​5,000 m2, which ensures a stay of complete silence and tranquility.


  • Pool
  • Restaurante
  • Cafetería
  • Estacionamiento
  • Calefacción
  • Toallas
  • Desayuno Incluido
  • Guarda equipaje
  • Fax