We are an innovative company in the field of integrated travel and tourism services of Chile and Bolivia. much explored northern Chile and southern Bolivia in order to deliver a specialized and unique service, Our tourist agency offers private and regular tours, always thinking that our customers have a good stay, where only worry about rest and enjoy your well deserved vacation Join the adventure with us. STRATEGIC PLANNING AND CORPORATE IMAGE To strengthen corporate or institutional image is recommended to publish the following items, although we should clarify that are not necessary to meet all the development of the website and can publish later if necessary. Company Mission To create and maintain a personal motivated and committed to the company policies and quality standards in order to fully satisfy the needs of our customers beyond their expectations. Maintain our growth work towards excellence, providing high quality personalized service fast and reliable. Generate a return that ensures we meet our mission, purpose and goals. Company Vision Consolidate our position as one of the best leaders in Latin America businesses and be also one of the leading tourism services through effort, efficiency, safety, reliability and continuous improvement, innovation and assimilate trends and become a benchmark for other companies in the industry. Always a positive or negative opinion well come from a lived experience to improve the quality of service more and more Values SALT ANDEAN FLAG grown and professes the values ​​that have made us leaders in the tourism market: Quality, responsibility, punctuality, safety, efficiency, effectiveness, etc. etc. History or Career SALT ANDEAN FLAG He has 5 years working in the field of tourism.