The skies of the Atacama Desert are the best to observe the Universe. Its particular height, dry and low light make it a privileged to observe constellations, stars, planets and galaxies stage. Ahlarkapin is a journey of the senses through time ... From the ancient wisdom that even decrypts messages cosmos to survive, to the precision of modern telescopes to observe the stars. Ahlarkapin invites you to an astronomical tour that includes a lecture that integrates the current scientific view associated with the Andean worldview to heaven; a celestial naked eye observation, and finally a display of stars in one of the largest private telescopes in the area. Ahlarkapin, which in the native language kunza means "Bright Star" is an observatory, but above all an experience. An unforgettable journey that takes travelers to discover the southern sky world, integrating scientific and ancestral knowledge atacameños. Come and get closer to the sky!


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