San Pedro de Atacama and its surrounding areas are ideal for horseback rides, Adventures pure canter place. The possibilities are multiple, from discrete rides one hour (the horses are rented in the village), to complex journeys of up to 6 days, where dunes and desert scenarios intersect in the persistent pursuit of the range and the inter depressions.

Among the most interesting routes have cavalcades by Quitor valleys, Death and Rio Grande, on the ayllu of Sequitor, Solor and Coyo near the village of Tulor, the Cordillera de la Sal, the tunnel and the devil's throat, among others.

It is recommended to walk the routes described in the company of expert guides who know the roads and provide the necessary logistics.

By performing this activity should consider the following recommendations:

Wear long trousers.
Turtleneck dress or long sleeved shirt.
Sun hat.
Close shoes.
Mosquito repellent.
Big bottle of water
Photographic camera.
small backpack.
For tours of 4 hours or more
Take some kind of snack or fruit.
Recommended routes:

We recommend making routes detailed below with agencies or specialized guides, who know the roads very well and will deliver all the necessary implements to make these circuits.

Tunnel: With a duration of five hours this tour takes you through the ayllu of Quitor, to the Valley of Catarpe, then ascends along the old road to Calama until you reach the tunnel. Once you cross ascends to the ledge of the mountains of salt which runs to go down the huge dunes of Death Valley.

Death Valley: In two hours travel the Conde Duque Ayllu to the San Pedro River, to cross the desert into the valley of death in heart Cordillera de la Sal, where you will ride on its huge dunes.

Back to Ayllus: Walk farming communities of San Pedro de Atacama in 3 hours going through Yaye, Séquitor, Checar and Solor. A great way to see the Atacameño people today.

Tulor Village: In approximately 4 hours you can easily reach the Ayllu of Coyo and the village of Tulor, San Pedro returning to the desert.