Cabalgatas Rancho Cactus



CACTUS RANCH is a specialist and pioneer in equestrian tourism for more than 15 years. It is the charm of this land of immensities that motivated us to develop this privileged activity, we want to share with you. What better than a horse to explore and explore hidden valleys, large unspoiled landscapes, deep ravines, arid canyons, meet local life, history and prehistory, the flora and fauna of the region to experience the desert and discover another St. Pedro, away from the paths. Farolo the musician and the French Valérie will welcome you warmly in RANCHO CACTUS and advise them on the ride you are looking for (rides hours, full day or several days with camping). The adventure for you. You and your horse will form a good team, supported by professionalism and friendship of those who will accompany an unforgettable experience.