Sandboard San Pedro



About us Sandboard San Pedro is the division sandboarding de Atacama Incatour.Somos a company dedicated to making the experience of sandboarding is as complete as pleasant and entertaining as possible, making sure that the equipment is right, that guides entregen the information specified in each instruccione geological information of the places visitamos.Haciendo that the experience of sandboarding in San Pedro de Atacama is a highly recommended excursion! Sandboard San Pedro is organized by Sebastian Opazo Guzman.Guia with over 7 years of founding of other companies involved in the sandboarding experience. One of the organizers with the Municipality of the first championship of sandboarding in San Pedro de Atacama, the first to include multimedia tours and creator of sandboarding sandboarding nocturo.Siendo so, Sandboard San Pedro, a pioneer in innovation agency and to hold the dunes at night in San Pedro de Atacama. Where Sandboarding is practiced in the Valley of Death, about 5 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama. The place is beautiful: we are going to the dunes that are located at the end of the valley has a sloping dune muerte.LA with 40 to 150 meters decline. Transport Our transportation is organized from San Pedro (round trip) .We with a driver and a guide in each vehicle The tables We use flexible tables, used new snowboard and freestyle allowing up in the sand. Bindings have adapted to use walking shoes and boots that are too heavy to climb the dune We also have goggles on windy days. recommendations What you should take is: Water, Atacama is the driest place in the world and we will do sports in the sand Shoes / hiking boots (hiking boots) with averages and walk it fixations photo camera carefully by dust and sand Warm clothes for after the fall of the sun and the sun nocturnoBloqueador critical time in the mornings!