Nativa - Travesías en atacama



I define myself as a traveler turned into a guide. The blame for everything is the Andes. During my adolescence I was fortunate to participate actively in the National Mountain School, usually traveling hills, trails and rivers, being recorded in me, the pleasure of contemplation and adventure Atacama met at 29 after nine years of experience hustler in Europe and Brazil. The immeasurable desert landscape and the altiplano captivated me definitely and in more than 25 years I have been able to discover its infinite corners beyond what appears on tourist maps and travel books. Today, thanks to French and Portuguese learned in my first adventures in the world I am pleased to share my experience directly with those traveling to explore the mystery of the desert. I also love to put my experience in logistics and coordination at the service of national and international audiovisual productions. If your plans this travel through these beautiful lands and see first hand the Andean culture I offer my experience and remember that "travel is learning to see." Unlike travel agencies there will be no intermediary between you and me. Organize your trip and accompany you as desired. We are related before, during and hope that after the trip, because I like to keep contact with people who trusted me. As a friend and Argentine colleague says, "receive a client, dismissing a friend"