Lithium Aventura



We are a company that has as main objective to publicize the charms found in the Atacama Desert and the Andean altiplano, we want to make our customers delve with the beauty that demonstrates this nature. For this we have the necessary transportation that requires this journey, even in hard to reach area. Our selected shelters may provide the opportunity to impregnate with the inhabitants of these inhospitable places. Finally, we will make your trip an unforgettable experience, you'll definitely want to live again. Our mission is to satisfy our customers, who undertake this adventure giving us their confidence, corresponding to this through a safe and quality service, which has a team of efficient work, being a company at the forefront of technology that requires these cruises, and make this adventure a fascinating experience and smoothly. Our vision is to be one of the market leader in our industry, quality of service recognized by both our customers and our employees by companies. Be a source of development opportunities for the area, and their inhabitants, providing jobs and training them for any contingency. thus achieving the expansion of our services, nationally and internationally.



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