Turismo Grado 10

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Betting on a different approach since our inception in 1978, Grade 10 pioneer in adventure tourism in Chile created a philosophy of superior service, which has been our seal until today. The name Grade 10 refers to the maximum scale of the rapids of a river, where our adventure began in quality tourism. Having accumulated travel experience "Overland" abroad we know what our customers want and what they can find with us from reclining seats to a gourmet lunch in the highland lakes or breakfast of excellence in the Tatio geysers. Walking tours and tours with us you can become a part of nature and also enjoy great comfort, safety and service. With our base of operations in San Pedro de Atacama is the first step towards consolidation in the Andean market. Argentine, Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean cultures intermingle to form this rich land of dances, colors and flavors that only here can discover! Projecting from San Pedro to the rest of Chile and the world invite everyone to get on our bus Overland and discover the magic of Chile.



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